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raid, troll
swear, greif,
have fun,
and come get rekt!



[Feature] Music Auras 09/11/2015

finished /jukebox, with backwards compatability for aura pack buyers.

[Fix] Buckets of pain 09/11/2015

newly purchased buckets of pain are no longer placeable.

[Fix] Mask shop 07/22/2015

fixed small issue with masks reverting to steve heads in shop on restart.

[Fix] Clan Lookup 07/22/2015

fixed small bug with clan lookup.

[Rank] Prismarine 07/22/2015

Added transfer/event rank, sits roughly between emerald and diamond ranks.

[Tweaks] Arena Regens 07/22/2015

removed 1v1 and deathmatch health/hunger regen.

[Tweaks] Spawn Regen 07/22/2015

removed spawns health regen.

[Tweaks] Spawn item drop 07/22/2015

removed spawns item drop protection, due to dungeon and arenas being finished.

[Tweaks] Spawn Hunger Regen 07/22/2015

slowed spawns hunger regen.

[Feature] Arenas 07/22/2015

Arenas are back up and running.

[Feature] Dungeon 07/22/2015

Dungeon Build is complete, event will come in the following months to unlock SOLOMONS TREASURE.

[Feature] Info Heads 07/22/2015

Added clickable info heads in FAQ.

[Item] Succubi Whip 07/22/2015

Added to shop npc under spawn.

[Fix] Marriage 07/22/2015

Marry TP issues corrected.

[Fix] Ignore 07/22/2015

Ignore now blocks private messaging only.

[Tweak] Refer rank 07/22/2015

refer rank now only lasts 3 days.

[Tweaks] Fixed Castle Signs 07/22/2015

fixed potion signs.

[Fix] /clanwar 07/22/2015

fixed plugin not deleting old scores if only 1 clan plays.

[Items] Fishing Rods 07/22/2015

added more rods for sale.

[Item] Divining Rod 07/22/2015

right click to search a 10 block radius for chests.

[Fix] Chat Filters 07/21/2015

added gray color to messages by players in clans. filtered some server ips into funny words.

[Fix] Clan Wars 07/20/2015

Added a way to stop clan wars in the event of an emergency.

[Feature] Refer a Friend 07/20/2015

referring a player is back.

[Item] Added unbreaking axes and swords to blacksmith 07/20/2015

yea what that said...

[Feature] Bow Merchant 07/19/2015

added building for bow and arrow merchants.

[Feature] Tea house 07/18/2015

tea will be for sale shortly.

[Mechanic] Moved beginner starting area 07/17/2015

they now spawn in the city, so no more confused players.

[Item] Toy Sword 07/16/2015

sold outside arena area. +0.75 DMG.

[Feature] Trade district outside arenas 07/15/2015

shops finished, npc sales to come soon.

[Feature] End portal moved to fountain in spawn 07/14/2015

swim safely.

[Item] Added Dildo, and 50 shades of grey 07/13/2015

when i think about you i touch myself.

[Item] Looting Bows 07/12/2015

added a looting bow to the bow merchant.

[Feature] some npcshops are now skinned 07/10/2015

come can move aswell.

[Fix] Fixed issue with athena enchants 07/06/2015

moved enchant storage to a diff DB, forgot to change athena's code.

[Fix] SERVER WIPE 07/04/2015

Issue found relating to duping items from arena. as well as admin storage being raided.

[Fix] Fixed clan DB issues 06/20/2015

removed custom symbols from clan names due to mysql bug.

[Mechanic] Decreased rain 06/19/2015

decreased rain chance by 60%.

[Mechanic] Endersheep 06/19/2015

added endersheep back to the end.

[Item] Sleeping Sand 06/18/2015

teleports player to the last bed they slept in.

[Fix] Pigmen Spawn 06/17/2015

Disabled pigmen from spawning in castle.

[Item] Unbreaking Bows 06/17/2015

Added unbreaking bows to Bowyer.

[Fix] Fastbreak Cheat Detection Fix 06/17/2015

Fixed issues with anti-cheat plugin tossing false fast break issues

[Fix] Clan System Update 06/15/2015

Fixed issues with duplicate clan tags being allowed.

[Fix] Clan System Database Tweaks 06/12/2015

Fixed small issues with clan database storing temp data.

[Mechanic] Clan War Update 06/12/2015

Increased difficulty. Changed mob types to:Zombie & Blaze

[Mechanic] Mob Difficulty 06/10/2015

Added droppable armor to pigmen in the nether.

[Mechanic] Clan Wars Mob Difficulty 06/09/2015

Added non droppable armor to zombies at clan wars.

[Fix] Corrected Enderdragon Spawn Rates 06/08/2015

Fixed issues with dragons not respawning at set time..

[Mechanic] Cat Breeding 06/07/2015

Placed a limit on cats allowed in an area to stop excessive breeding.

[Mechanic] Dog Breeding 06/06/2015

Placed a limit on dogs allowed in an area to stop excessive breeding.

[Server] Updated server to 1.8.7 06/05/2015

Updated to spigot 1.8.7.

[Feature] Added Fools Gold Set 06/04/2015

found outside the castle walls in pvp.

[Feature] Clan War Armory 06/03/2015

Added in once-daily lootable chests for the clan war victors.

[Feature] Clan Max Level 06/01/2015

Upgraded level cap for clans to lvl 10, added in harder leveling system.

[Feature] Clan Castle 05/31/2015

Added in repair anvil.

[Feature] Clan Castle 05/30/2015

Added in Potion Brewer.

[Feature] Clan Castle 05/29/2015

Added in Enchantment table, and color anvil.

[Feature] Clan Wars 05/26/2015

Open beta testing of the clan war system.

[Feature] Nub Beater 05/25/2015

now loots emeralds at a small chance.

[Server] Updated to 1.8.6 05/25/2015

updated to spigot 1.8.6.

[Feature] Added New Enchantment 05/24/2015

Disintegration: damages enemy armor directly.

[Mechanic] Mob Dificulty 05/23/2015

Increased chance of mobs spawning more mobs.

[Mechanic] Mob Dificulty 05/19/2015

Increased chance of zombies and skeletons spawning with gear.

[Feature] Magikarp mask 05/18/2015

Added Magikarp Mask to fishing as a reward.

[Server] Updated 05/17/2015

Updated to spigot 1.8.4.

[Feature] Unique Saddles 05/10/2015

Added player, sheep, cow, creeper, spider and wolf saddles. to move, target a block infront of you.

[Feature] Hunting Armor Set 05/09/2015

added exp boosting and poison resistant leather armor outside the castle walls at pvp.

[Feature] Flying Feathers 05/09/2015

added consumable feathers that let you fly