welcome to anarchy minecraft
play how you want,
when you want.

raid, troll
swear, greif,
have fun,
and come get rekt!

Server Rules and Guidelines
rule one:
do not talk to op.
rule two:
do not talk about op.
rule three:
do not look at op.
rule four:
do not ask op for items.
rule five:
do not advertise, no one wants to play on your shit ass towny server.
rule six:
op is not responsible for your lost items / weapons / gear / time / friends / hygiene
rule seven:
do not ask for op, you can not have it.
rule eight:
raiding / greifing is allowed, dont bitch piss and moan when it happens, learn from it and become a better player.
rule nine:
vulger language is allowed, do not complain about it, the server isn't rated pg13.
rule ten:
report exploits, bugs, and glitches here

Rektcraft is a Survival based Anarchy Server!
Anything goes outside of Spawn! Raiding and Griefing are encouraged. Trolling and Tricking players is allowed.
This server is not for the weak at heart.

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