welcome to anarchy minecraft
play how you want,
when you want.

raid, troll
swear, greif,
have fun,
and come get rekt!

rektcraft is by no means a vanilla anarchy server.
it is a child of its community.
over a year of development has gone into shaping it into what it is today.
an extremely hard, highly modified semi-vanilla server.
at the servers center is its core mechanic, the clan system.
clans are an extremely useful tool to acomplish amazing things with other players.
soon to be implemented will be the karma system.
this player rating system will allow the server to run without admin interference, in a true lawless enviroment.
how does it work?
the server has only two punishable actions;
advertising and hacking.

rektcraft is a safehaven for swearing, greifing, raiding, cursing, spaming, racism, sexism, and bigotry.
the server runs in a near
autonomous state.
no active moderation.
no one looking over your shoulder.

how will you play?

Rektcraft is a Survival based Anarchy Server!
Anything goes outside of Spawn! Raiding and Griefing are encouraged. Trolling and Tricking players is allowed.
This server is not for the weak at heart.

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