welcome to anarchy minecraft
play how you want,
when you want.

raid, troll
swear, greif,
have fun,
and come get rekt!

Fequently Asked Questions
who is weeaboo?!
the owner of the server is faowkon(aka loki)
is loki on?
no, leave him alone and play the game.
can i apply for staff?
how do i make money?
you don't, the economy is a trade based one.
how do i get rank?
you can get a rank by voting or by purchasing it from the store.
is there kits?
no this is a survival server.
how to make clan?
/clan create tag clan_name (no spaces, no special characters, tag must be 1-4 letters/numbers)
how do i leave spawn?
walk, walk in any direction, or if you are super lazy, use /wild.
how do i get good gear?
collect dragon eggs, nether stars, vote or trade in random goods at the blackmarket.
hello, i work for planetminecraft and im here to..
fuck off
why doesnt this server have mcmmo/pvplogging/landprotection/factions?
because this isnt that type of server.

Rektcraft is a Survival based Anarchy Server!
Anything goes outside of Spawn! Raiding and Griefing are encouraged. Trolling and Tricking players is allowed.
This server is not for the weak at heart.

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